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અમેરિકામાં કરીયાણાની 58 દુકાનો | પટેલની બલ્લે બલ્લે | Mafat Patel | Patel Brothers Success Story -

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Patel Brothers is an Indian American supermarket based in America. The chain is founded by Mafat Patel and Tulsi Patel and is currently operated by Swetal and Rakesh Patel. Mafat patel lived in Bhandu Mehsana, a small village in Gujarat, before coming to America Usa for education. After getting his business degree, he worked in Jefferson Electrical Co in Chicago. Due to lack of Indian food availability Mafat bhai got idea of staring grocery store in America. And that's how Patel Brothers was opened with help of Tulsi Patel, Aruna Patel and Chanchal Patel in Devon Avenue. In the date of today Patel brothers has 58 branches including Naperville, New York, Canada, Jersey City, etc which operates under the system of cash and carry concept. They also own food brands such as Swad and Raja Foods. Photo Credits: Saada, Perfect Planners, Zee US Orignals Below mentioned are their links: Zee US Orignals Perfect Planners SAADA Like, share and Subscribe Fun for Gujaratis for such great content!

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