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Mix Vegetable With Chicken Chinese Style By Urdu Recipe -

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RECIPE IN ENGLISHMix Vegetable With Chicken Chinese Style By Urdu RecipeLearn how to make easy and superb recipe Mix Vegetale With Chicken Chinese Style. In this recipe chicken is mixed and cooked with vegetables like cabbage, carrot, capsicum, green peas and string onion, use also some sauces and spices which is enhance the flavors. This is not only tasty but a healthy recipe. Easy to follow step by step recipe with Very different and delicious recipe.Ingredients:*Chicken Boneless (250 gm)*Oil (1/4 cup)*Ginger Paste (1 tsp)*Garlic Paste (1 tsp)*Cumin (1 tsp)*Red Chilli Flakes (1 tsp)*Chicken Powder (1 tsp)*Black Pepper Powder (1/2 tsp)*Turmeric Powder (1/4 tsp)*All Spice Powder (1/4 tsp)*Salt (1/2 tsp)*Hot Chilli Sauce (2 tbsp)*Soya Sauce (2 tbsp)*Tomatoes Chopped (3 med)*Capsicum Cube Cut (1)*Green Chillies Slit Cut (4)*Carrot Small Cube Cut (1)*String Onion Green leaves Chopped (1 bunch)*String Onion Fine Sliced*Potatoes Cube Cut (2 med)*Peas (1/2 cup)*Cabbage Shredded (1/2 med size)Method:1.Take a karhai / pot, Add Stiring Onion Sliced, Green Chillies Slit Cut and cumin seeds. Cook untill it get soft and slightly light golden in colour (on med flame).2.Add Chicken Boneless Cube, Ginger Paste and Garlic Paste. fry untill change colour pink into white (on med flame) 3.Add chopped tomatoes, red chilli flakes, chicken powder, black pepper powder, turmeric powder and all spice powder. Mix well (on med low flame).4.Add Potatoes small cube cut, Peas and Carrot small cube cut. Mix anf stir fry for 2-3 mins (on med flame).5.Add water. Mix it, Cover and cook for 5 mins (on med low flame).6.Add Cabbage Shredded, Mix it, cover and cook about 5 mins (on med low flame).7.Add Capsicum cube cut, soya sauce and hot red chilli sauce. Mix it, cover and cook for 8 mins (on low flame).8.Add String Onion Green Leaves Chopped. Mix it & simmer for 1-2 mins.9.MIX VEGETABLE WITH CHICKEN CHINESE STYLE is ready to eat, serve with Chapati/Naan.#mixvegetablerecipes #vegetablerecipes #food #recipe #chickenrecipe #UrduRecipe PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL "Urdu Recipe" & HIT LIKE & SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. JOIN ME:*************************************************YOUTUBE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE:*************************************************OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL:*************************************************OFFICIAL DAILYMOTION CHANNEL:*************************************************OFFICIAL g+:*************************************************OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE:*************************************************OFFICIAL WEBSITE: *************************************************

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