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Buyer Beware: The Review of Cav Empt -

2018-06-01 0 6

Street fashions best known secret is an enigmatic brand in Japan spearheaded by an Englishman, and a world renowned street fashion designer. Cav Empt, known in Japan as CE, is what many consider the epitome of streetwear; gritty, grimey, and and unquestionably abstr, CE has become a household name to street fashion enthusiasts while remaining in the underground. \r\rWe take our hand at dissecting the brand a bit further as there is little information about the brand, yet carries the burden of being at being at the epicenter of the future of streetwear.\r\r \rKeep it locked on The Casual for more news on Japanese Street fashion & culture, style tips, pick-ups, store reviews, and some good ol fashion vlogging.\r\rAs Always, Keep it Casual.\r\rKeep the convo going in the comments on social+\r\r\r\r\r\r

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