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BAPE Camo Shark Bearbrick 100% Set -

2018-05-26 0 3

Im now on TWITCH: \r\rOpening up 2 packages with the full 100% Bape Bearbrick set. Green, Blue, and Pink.\r\rSubscribe: \rTwitter: \rTumblr: \rWebstore: \rInstagram: \r\rThe full collection: \r\rMusic: Bare Tings by Devontee\r\rFilmed with T3i\r\rAvery Ginsberg\rGearedTowardGear\rGeared Toward Gear\rBape Bathing Ape AAPE\rBearbrick [email protected] Bear brick\rMedicom Toys\rShark Hoodie\rCamo\r400%

Tags: fashion    mens fashion    diy    style    streetwear    urbanwear    reviews    on feet    lookbook    gearedtowardgear    geared toward gear    avery ginsberg    bathing ape bu.    
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