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How to Avoid Getting Scammed By Bape Resellers in 5 Steps -

2018-05-06 0 0

Have you every asked for a legit check when it comes to that Bape item you plan on buying? Dont lie, you know you have. Here on The Casual we not only want to give you info on Japanese fashion but how to avoid the ridiculous game of reselling and price gouging out west. In Japan we dont necessarily have to worry so much about fakes, so much of the stuff we see in real life is always legit. However, we recognize everybody doesnt have that luxury so we fleshed out some ways that we thought could help you decide when and what to buy when it comes to Japanese brands like Bape.\r\rSo get those notes out, or just rewind, and learn how to avoid the madness that is the resell game and apply this knowledge to ALL your street fashion purchases. \r\rKeep it locked on The Casual for more news on Japanese Street fashion & culture, style tips, pick-ups, store reviews, and some good ol fashion vlogging.\r\rAs Always, Keep it Casual.\r\rKeep the convo going in the comments on social+\r\r\r\r\r\r

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