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Brick Rigs Game | STUNT SHOW WITH AIRPLANES! | Lets Play Brick Rigs Gameplay & Online Multiplayer! -

2017-11-09 0 94

Welcome to another Brick Rigs Gameplay ! In this one, we take a look at some AMAZING user creations from the steam workshop that are based around airplanes and helicopters! Not only that, but we are under attack by a stone golem! We are going to need a ton of airplane and helicopter defense to handle this situation!\r\rA NEW UPDATE FOR BRICK RIGS! This update is ually REALLY huge too! Not only does this Brick Rigs Update change the entire user interface, but adds a ton of features too! Brick Rigs was due for a clean up, and this update does a great job at that!\r\r-\r\rSo in this Brick Rigs update, they added planes, machine guns and huge explosive rounds!! GUYS! The destruction and explosions that we can make are ENDLESS!! In this Brick Rigs video, I will be showing off the air planes, but most importantly, massive explosions! Today we will be doing something I vowed to do a few s ago, and that is DESTROYING THE ENTIRE CITY!!! MUAHAHAH!!\r\rOKAY SO THE HOMIES OVER AT BRICK RIDGE STUDIOS (thats not what its called lol) released yet ANOTHER UPDATE!! So this update introduces Multiplayer! Multiplayer is exly what Brick Ridge needs, except its a bit buggy right now. It seems that with every update and patch released, something else breaks. The Multiplayer is hard because it crashes the game a LOT. Connectivity is also a big issue as well. Another issue with the multiplayer currently is the inability to spawn in user created workshop builds.\r\rThat being said, Multiplayer is an amazing update! I cannot wait for the multiplayer to work and to get some collabs going with some other youtubers!\r\rKeep in mind, this patch also seemed to have broke some things.. like.. tires spinning properly. If driving was hard before, its almost impossible in this new update on the race track, lol.\r\rSo today in Brick Rigs, we are going to look at the FASTEST CAR EVER BUILT EVER! And a super fast camper as well! Guys! Yall are making some AMAZING creations! This car is so friken fast, its uncontrollable, but makes for some amazing jumps! I love going fast and this car is perfect for me!\r\rGUYS!! BRICK RIGS HAD AN UPDATE!! Okay so the first update for Brick Rigs introduces less game crashes (yeah right lol) and an amazing addition of the workshop! The steam workshop is such a great feature and a game such as brick rigs absolutely needs it! \r\rIt is so fantastic to developers of Brick Rigs updating the game and pushing out patches so soon! Thats a great sign!\r\rToday in Brick Rigs, we are going to look at the Attack Helicopter, Dirt Bike! The Attack Helicopter, like any Chopper / Helicopter, is SUPER DIFFICULT to control!! But, Im gonna try of course! The Dirt Bike seems to have a mind of its own, spazzing out uncontrollably at every turn rofl. Anyways guys I hope yall enjoy the Dirt Bike and Attack Helicopter! Brick Rigs Gameplay\r\rAnyways, today in Brick Rigs we try out the Steam Workshop introduced in the new patch. I downloaded 3 user creations! We have the Semi Truck aka Freight truck, a tank and also a fast car.\rI dont know if the fast car is the fastest car, but I gotta assume, that it is. The tank is also amazing to drive because it ually works! You can shoot, rotate the gun thing and all! Brick Rigs Gameplay\r\rThe semi truck had to be my favorite however because I work with freight trucks all day! It was so fun driving the freight truck, the tank, and the fastest car! Brick Rigs Gameplay\r\rWelcome to Brick Rigs Gameplay! Today, we try out a new lego simulator called Brick Rigs. Brick Rigs, still in VERY EARLY ACCESS, tries to be a Lego Simulator.\r\rI read some reviews on Brick Rigs, and apparently others have found it easy to build.. I on the other hand, had a horrendous time figuring this game out. Brick Rigs is a game that shows a ton of potential, but needs time to get polished, IMO.\r\rWhat to Expect in this Brick Rigs Gameplay Video:\rBrick Rigs Gameplay\rBrick Rigs Lets Play\rBrick Rigs Highlights\rBrick Rigs Building\rBrick Rigs Review\r\rBrick Rigs allows you to build many kinds of vehicles from a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving and destruction physics in a sandbox environment.\r\r\rBrick Rigs online multiplayer\rBrick Rigs patch\rBrick Rigs update\rBrick Rigs third update\rBrick Rigs online\rBrick Rigs multiplayer\r\rThis is an early version of the game, and I would like to get as much feedback from the community as possible about the gameplay, physics and what direction the game should head.\r\rI hope you guys liked the Self aware Blobs and the thursters all piled up! The train will someday be stopped.. and I think Im getting closer than ever to accomplishing my goal on stopping the train! I hope you all enjoyed thisof Brick Rigs gameplay and Highl

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