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Arduino Tutorial #3 - Shift Registers (74HC595) -

2017-10-18 0 8

Contribute:\rPatreon: \r\rArduino Code: \r\r74HC595 Datasheet: \r\rIn the third Arduino Tutorial I discuss one of the many ways that you can expand your outputs on the Arduino. In this case, by using a shift register, I am able to use three Arduino pins to control 8 LEDs.\r\r\r\rSearch Terms & Keywords:\rGetting Started Arduino\rBeginner Arduino Tutorial\rArduino\rArduino Tutorial\rArduino Getting Started\rBasic Arduino\rArduino Class\rArduino Hardware\rArduino Software\rArduino Code\rArduino Example\rArduino Project\rArduino How To\rArduino LED\rArduino Push Button\rPush Button\rLight Emitting Diaode\rAtmega\rAtmega328\rTutorial\rBasic Hardware\rElectronics\rElectrical Engineering\rElectronic Circuit\rSimple Arduino Projects\rPulse Width Modulation\rPWM\rAnalog Sensor\rTemperature Sensor\rTemperature Reading\rRGB LED\rPWM Output\rPWM Tutorial\rPWM explained\rPWM guide\rShift Registers\rShift Register Tutorial

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