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Miracle of Giving Fool Trailer -

2017-01-10 0 19

Ji-ho is a promising pianist who has been studying and playing abroad for years, but her career takes a blow when she is struck with stage fright. Returning home, Ji-ho is reunited with her old school friend, Seung-ryong, who, although now in his twenties, has been left with the mind of a six year old following an accident.Seung-ryong's only family is his younger sister, Ji-in, and he takes care of her by trying to sell toast outside her school, much to her embarrassment. Ji-in later becomes ill, and Seung-ryong's other friend, Sang-soo, falls into trouble with some gangsters. With all of his friends and family facing problems, Seung-ryong becomes an unlikely saviour.

Tags: comedy    romance    miracle of giving fool    cha tae-hyun    ha ji-won    park hee-soon    park ha-sun    grina park    im hyeong-gook    lee ki-young    
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