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How To Cook Kesari Sheera (Rawa/Semolina Pudding) By Preetha -

2014-09-15 0 70

The all time favorite sweet dish recipe prepared during festivals and any other auspicious occasion. Sheera is prepared from roasted semolina or rava . The sooji is roasted in ghee and then cooked with sugar and water till soft and garnished with dry fruits. Preetha gives this recipe a twist by adding saffron to give it a rich golden colour. Learn how to make Badami Kheer with saffron here: to IFN Ingredients:1 cup of sooji (semolina) rava11\2 cups of sugar11\2 cups of water1/2 cup of milkDried fruits (cashew and raisins)2 tbsp of gheeSome cardamom and clovesSaffron for colouringCamphorTry this unique recipe and give us your feedback.Like us on facebook us on twitter @infoodnetwork

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