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Instagram Story Hacks for Creators 2019 -

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Instagram Story Secrets 2019 - here are my favourite hacks and tricks for making awesome and unique Instagram story content, using only the Instagram app. How to make rainbow or gradient text in Instagram, how to add a colour background, link to a post, and more are all covered in this video. ADD SPACES: ✨ JOIN my FREE PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: CREATOR CLUB ✨ ➡️ // WATCH THESE NEXT HOW TO EDIT VERTICAL VIDEOS: SONY RX100 BEST VLOG SETTINGS: PUERTO RICO TRAVEL VLOG: BEST VIDEO SETTINGS FOR YOUR DSLR: HOW TO VLOG: ✨DOWNLOAD my FREE Youtube Video CHECKLIST ✨ ➡️ This is the same checklist that I use for producing every single one of my YouTube videos, it will help you stay on track and make sure that you create every YouTube video to be as successful as possible. ----------------------------------------­------- VIDEO DESCRIPTION Instagram Story Secrets! All my favourite, little known hacks for making your Instagram stories look even cooler! How to choose any colour, add a solid colour background, link to a post, and much much more! Let me know your favourite hack in the comments! ----------------------------------------­------- //Help me make all of my vides accessible! Follow this link to help write the closed captions to my past videos! ----------------------------------------­------- // ABOUT ME I'm Katie, an 22 year old freelance videographer and Youtube video creator, living in Canada. My goal is to make videos that make you think, make you laugh, and maybe even learn something new. I'm interested in minimalism, the environment, film making, and travel, and I'd love to share those interests with you. I make videos about making videos, travel, tech, and creativity. I'm obsessed with side projects and live by the mantra of "create everyday." Come along for the ride if you want tips of being productive, creative, and adventurous! ✨ Katie Steckly is a travel filmmaker sharing what she learns about travel and content creation from her trips around the world and her freelance work. She provides aspiring women creative travelers with information and inspiration along the way. ----------------------------------------­------- // HIRE ME If you like my videography style and want to work together on a project, visit my business website: I'm interested in social media marketing, community building, and digital video. I love working with independent and small businesses and tourism boards. I want to showcase the best of your business or community! Visit my website or email [email protected] ----------------------------------------­------- // LINKS Twitter: Instagram: If you read this far, tweet me a pineapple emoji and I'll follow you back :) 🍍

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