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Tuule hõlmas, luule hõlmas -

2012-09-17 1 0 184

Tuule hõlmas, luule hõlmas - Composed by M.Saar with poetry by K.E. Sööt Estonian Art Song This is a rehearsal recording of Tuule hõlmas, luule hõlmas composed by M.Saar with text by K.E. Sööt for recording in November 2012 by Stephen Bell, Tenor, and Charles Kipper, Piano in Toronto, Canada. For more information on the upcoming recording, please visit Wrapped in the wind, dear mother, I see clouds in the heavens, and in my heart. The wind wipe the waves spraying against shore, and the storm grows stronger. The storm has put out your hearts fire, and I weep.

Tags: tuule    hõlmas    luule    stephen    bell    charles    kipper    estonia    eesti    m.saar    tenor    art    song    toronto    opera    piano    
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