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Top 10 amazing & longest expressway in india | indian desi buddy -

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1. agra lucknow expressway It is the longest expressway india.The expressway reduced the distance between the cities of Agara and Lucknow in the Indian States of Uttar pradesh It is a 6-lane Greenfield expressway It can also be used to land the aircraft which is expandable to 8-lanes in future. 302 km India's longest expressway 2. yamuna expressway #YamunaExpressway #tajexpresswayis a 6-lane (extendable to 8 lanes), 165 km long, controlled acees expressway connecting Greater Noida with agra in the Indian state of Uttar Pardesh. It is one of India's longest six-lane controlled-access expressway stretches. The total project cost was ₹128.39 billion(US$1.8 billion) 3 hyderabad outer ring road Nehru Outer Ring Road or Outer Ring Road is a 158 kilometer, 8-lane ring road expresswayencircling the capital city of Hyderabad,Telangana, India. It is built by HMDA at a cost of ₹6,696 crores.[1] with an assistance of ₹3,123 crores from Japan International Cooperation Agency The expressway is designed for speeds up to 120 km/h 4. Eastern peripheral expressway #EasternPeripheralExpressway or Kundli-Ghaziabad-Palwal (KGP) Expressway or National Expressway II is a 135 km (84 mi) long, six-lane India's first 100% solar powered Greenfield acees control smart morden automatic expressway passing through the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh It has been constructed at a cost of ₹11,000 crore (US$1.5 billion) It was inaugurated on 27 May 2018 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 5.western peripheral expressway Western Periphera lExpressway or Kundli-Manesar–Palwal (KMP) Expressway, 135.6 km (84.3 mi) longExpressway in the Haryana state of India.Along with the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, the Western Peripheral Expressway is expected to divert more than 50,000 heavy vehicles away from Delhi, since April 2016 and the rest of the Kundli to Palwal section is expected to be operational in the end of November 2018 6.Delhi meerut expressway is India's 14 line access control expressway The total project cost is₹78 billion (US$1.1 billion). 7.Mumbai Pune expressway The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is India's first six-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled spans a distance of 94.5 km connecting Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra state and the financial capital of India, with Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra 8.ahemdabad vadodara expressway The Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway (also known as National Expressway 1, or theMahatma Gandhi Expressway is anexpressway connecting the cities ofAhmedabad and Vadodara in the state ofGujarat, India 9.mumbai freeway & express highway The Western Freeway is a transportation infrastructure project in Mumbai, India that envisions the construction of multiple bridges over the Arabian Sea to reduce traffic-congestion between the Western Suburbs and the island city. 9. Western express highway The Western Express Highway, shortened toWEH, is a major north-south 8-10 lane arterial road in Mumbai, India, stretching from the suburb of Dahisar to Bandra. The 25.33 km (15.74 mi)[highway begins near the Mahim Creek and extends to the Mira-Dahisar toll booth in the northern limit of the city 10.delhi gurgaon Expressway delhi gurgaon Expressway border tool largest in South Asia & 2nd largest in asia The Delhi-Gurugram Expressway is a 27.7 km (17.2 mi) six to eight lane expressway connecting the national capital, Delhi and the Millennium city of Gurgaon  (Now Gurugram) cost is ₹10 billion (US$139.3 million), 27.7 km (17.2 mi) expressway was thrown open on January 23, 2008 source 1 . agra lucknow expressway video 2.yamuna expressway video 3. hyderabad outer ring road video & 4.Eastern peripheral expressway video & 5.western peripheral expressway video 6.Delhi meerut expressway video 7.Mumbai Pune expressway video & 8.ahemdabad vadodara expressway video 9.mumbai freeway & express highway video 10.delhi gurgaon Expressway. video ___________________________________________ If you own any rights to the content we use in our videos and want us to provide credits or remove the content , kindly contact us at [email protected] . We will solve it out with a virtual cup of coffee ;) . Song: Ikson - New Day (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:

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