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Unboxing FuRyu Yugi Muto -

Aug 10, 2016 12 2 715

The FuRyu Yugi figure being unboxed and reviewed. A very simple figure and very affordable for Yu-Gi-Oh fans. Amazon and Ebay have many available. Anime conventions stock them very well. Interested in preordering the Figma Dark Magician Girl? Check these links: Hobby Search: Ami Ami: Interested in preordering Katsuya Jonouchi (AKA: Joey)? Check these links: Hobby Search: Ami Ami: Remember I won't be around much until mid-september 2016. So I am sorry if I don't answer your messages :( I will be back soon with more unboxing, tutorials and fun. Like and Subscribe for more art, reviews, tutorials, and fun :) My Website: My Facebook: My YouTube: Music Provided by: Free Songs to Use Title of Track: Paradise [FSTU Release] Artists: Miza & Seum Dero • Support Miza: • Support Seum Dero:…

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