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Take a look into Kabab's life as he struggles to overcome his laziness and also be a successful terrorist. Directed by: Raghav Subbu Written by: Harmanpreet Singh and Sahil Verma Shot by : Shree Namjoshi and Harmanpreet Singh Edited by : Sahil Verma Art : Prem Mistry Graphic Designer : Lengdon Phukan 1st Assistant Director: Sahil Verma Production Controller : Prashant Rai Assistant Director- Sangram Naiksatam Sound Recordist: Sanjeev Intern : Utkarsh Topiwala and Aniket Sonawane Starring : Badri Chavan as The Lazy Terrorist Jitendra Kumar as Jiju No : 5 Subscribe to Our Channel Click Here - FACEBOOK : TWITTER :

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