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KimXi goes to Taiwan + Capsule Hotel Experience Review (Is it a YES or a NO?) -

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Hello Everybody! Here's another travel vlog for you guys! Xi and I went to Taiwan with Tita Mary Anne (Xi's Mom) & Lola Ina (Xi's Grandma) to explore the city. Sobrang saya ng trip na to because we tried the Capsule Hotel (except for Tita Mary Anne and Lola Ina) and syempre di rin namin pinalampas ang pag papalipad ng lantern na very famous sa Taiwan. ;) Watch the whole vlog to see if ano pa ang mga nangyari sa aming travel and ano nga ba ang review namin about the Capsule Hotel. Thank you! Xian's YT Channel: --------- IKSON MUSIC Outside by Ikson Blue Sky by Ikson Music from https://FREETOUSE.COM

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