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Layali Lebnan (Milk Semolina Dessert) -

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LAYALI LEBNAN © Lebanese Nights There are so many desserts in the Middle East with Semolina's, and Creams, and Pistachios. And this is one I love the most. In the Middle East it is called Lebanese Nights. The origins of it place it in the Fatimid Era. One of the greatest Islamic Empires from 900-1200 AD. With so many ideas and inventions! The same forgotten Empire that would lay the foundation for the Italian Europeans into the Renaissance era borrowing then the Islamic Ideas and inventions for Europeans. That in turn later in the 14th Century. This Dessert is a sweet one. I really don't like mine overly sweet. So I only drizzled on the syrup. You can put on plenty more if you like yours very sweet. My Syrup recipe is also below if you wish to make that prior. Also note. Cook this on low heat, as the milk can burn very easily, and leave brown bits in the final product. It is also best to chill this over night after you cook it for the best results. I did mine in the fridge for 5 hours. But I suggest over night. Ingredients: 3 Cups Whole Milk 5 Tbsp Sugar 1/2 Cup Smeed (Coarse Semolina) 1 Tsp Vanilla 1 Tsp Orange Blossom or Rose Water 1 Can Puck Cream or Processed Cream Topping (KUSHTA CREAM) 1/2 Cup Chopped Pistachios Syrup Ingredients are: 1/3 Cup Water-1/3 Cup Sugar and added flavoring of Choice(1 Tsp Rose water or Orange Blossom, or more)

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