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Violet Evergarden - Best OST Covers -

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Violet Evergarden - Original Soundtrack (Best Covers) 紫羅蘭永恆花園 - 原聲帶 Covers ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン - OST Covers Support the Musicians: 1.Fonzi M ( 2.PianoPrinceOfAnime 3.Pan Piano ( 4.琴羽しらす ( Illust/插畫:wlop( Edit&Effect/編輯&特效:S.Cloud ( --------------------------------------------------------- 最近剛看完這部,音樂、畫面、劇情等等真的是近期動畫界中難得的藝術之作,有好幾個劇情眼角都不爭氣的流汗了(´Д⊂ヽ嗚嗚嗚 近況閒聊:最近忙著實習還有期中又接了一堆工作,影片盡量有空弄一下,紫羅蘭這麼優質的音樂,影片是一定要用的(・∀・) --------------------------------------------------------- ▶Make special effects & sharing good music.Like, Comment and Subscribe! ▶ 一邊製作特效,一邊分享音樂的奇怪頻道,喜歡就訂閱吧 製作軟體:After Effect Facebook: Youtube: 全部音樂播放清單/All Music Playlist: 輕音樂播放清單/Relaxing Music Playlist: IMPORTANT NOTICE / 重要聲明: This channel is only for promotional purposes.Animation Effects are created by this channel ,but musics or Images are not.All rights belong to respective owners. 此頻道行宣傳之目的,動畫特效由此頻道創作,音樂與圖片則為他人之製作財產

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