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Tim's HD Theatre Demo With 5.1 Dolby Theater (10 Min) -

Mar 15, 2014 647 64 346,900

This HD Audio/Video DEMO is my contribution to the world... *** Since YouTube Does Not Have True 5.1 Audio Please Download This Demo In Its Uncompressed MKV Form From TPB: It is encoded with 5.1 Dolby Audio in 720p HD and should play fine on your media player (WDTV, Roku, ect.). It has everything needed to tune/show off any surround sound system including LFE Tests. A few technical details: Made with CyberLink PowerDirector 12 (TPB). Audio is 5.1 Dolby Digital AC3 @ 640 KB/S. Video is 1280x720 MKV @ FR 23.976215 (Film). Song in Video is "Justice - Stress (Auto Remix)". This is a test video as well as a demo for your family & friends. This is what you play for them to show off your New TV, Surround Sound & Sub-Woofer. (I have an SVS sub!) I want to encourage other people to try and make there own "Theater Demos" to share with the world. Leave any comments below. - Tim

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