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How To Care Your Aseel Rooster After Cage Fight -

Sep 18, 2018 443 13 22,603

How To Care Your Aseel Rooster After Cage Fight by Rana Usman Safdar #RanaUsmanSafdar Step# 1: Wash Your Aseel Rooster's Face Clearly Then Clean Your Aseel Rooster's Face With A Clean Cloth Step# 2: After Some Minutes, Use A Clean Cloth And Warm The Cloth With Any Iron or Herth (Make Sure Cloth Should Not Be Too Much Hot) Then Give Your Aseel Rooster A Good Warm Message Step# 3: You Can Give Any PainKiller Tablet Or Injection To Your Aseel Rooster (I Give Him A Brufen Tablets For Pain) Step# 4: If Your Aseel Rooster Have Any Interior Wound In His Mouth You Can Use Any Speciall Tube For Interior Wounds (I Use "Somogel" Tube Which Is Mostly Used In Humans Face) Step# 5: Like, Comment and Subscribe My Channel For More Videos Subscribe My Channel: https://www.YouTube.Com/Ran... FACEBOOK: Instagram: If You Want to Be A Part Of My Video Send Your Video By Saying: "Hi My Name Is(Your Name) Im From(Your City) Say What You Want" Email to [email protected]

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