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Best of Inigo, the best follower mod! - Skyrim: Special Edition Modded -

Nov 26, 2016 3,479 74 127,190

These are a bunch of clips of my new most favorite Follower mod. I've been away from Skyrim for a while before Special Edition came out so yeah I am a bit slow on popular mods. But I love this guy! Before you ask, the armor he is wearing is a mod called "Tribunal Robes and Masks" and he's wearing the Heavy Armor variant of the black ones, which suit him really well: Since people been asking me why my daedric sword looks different, I am using LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons SE (honestly couldn't even tell much of a different so I am surprised people noticed) Home mod is "Breezehome" by Elionora: The Weapon he uses is the fully upgraded Ebony Blade... yeah I slaughtered an Orc Stronghold and the Dark Brotherhood to do so but it's a great weapon for followers. You can download Inigo on nexusmods and I would recommend to do so, he's a really interesting and fun character: Support me on Patreon:

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