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MUSLIMS IN (BERLIN) GERMANY : School Rioting & Welfare -

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Violence in the Rütli-Schule Hauptschule (secondary school) in the Neukölln made teaching impossible. The immigrant (mainly Muslims from Turkey) background of over 80% of the students, presented challenges in the education system. In the districts of Neukölln, welfare rates are 14.3%. The percentage of residents who are welfare recipients in all of Berlin is roughly 8.1%. However the percent of foreigners receiving Welfare is 27% . A greater percentage of the Neukölln district (22%) is on welfare, compared to Berlin's total rate of enrollment in Welfare. Berlin has the Neutralitätsgesetz (Law on Neutrality) , which excludes the display of all religious signs and symbols from schools and other public services. The headscarf or hijab has been interpreted as a religious symbol, and was thus subsequently also banned , along with large Christian crosses, and the Jewish yamaca . After many years in court, the Islamische Föderation (Islamic Federation) won the right to begin teaching religious lessons in public schools; the organization began teaching at 20 Berlin schools in Fall 2002. Since the Federation's induction, teachers hired by the Islamic Federation and paid for by the city of Berlin have taught thousands of school children. City officials are not in a position to control Islamic religious instruction. Citing the linguistic differences of students, MANY TEACHERS HOLD PRIVATE LESSONS IN TURKISH OR ARABIC , OFTEN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Since the introduction of Islamic instruction, effects of the classes have spilled over into other parts of academic activities -- parents fight to have their girls taken out of swimming classes, sports in general, and class field trips, on religious grounds . The Islamic Federation actively distributed pamphlets and forms to Muslim parents, urging parents petition to exempt their daughters from such ordinary school activities and ALSO TO PETITION THE SCHOOL BOARD FOR TOTAL GENDER APARTHEID. In 1980, the Islamic Federation asked Berlin school authorities to establish religious instruction in the city's schools. The petition, in addition to others filed in 1983 and 1987, were rejected. In March 1994, the Islamic Federation sued and won; Berlin's Administrative Appeal Court ruled in 1998 that the Islamic Federation must be recognized as a religious community under section 23(1) of the Berlin Schools ct, since a religious community is defined by a consensus about faith and belief, regardless of whether the religion is organized as a public corporation or a private society. On February 23, 2000, Germany's highest court for administrative law, the Bundesverwaltungsgericht, ruled that Berlin's Islamic Federation may offer religious instruction in Berlin schools; although, Berlin school authorities must approve the curriculum.

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