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How i made my own Apple Computer -

Mar 28, 2018 12,000 1,063 700,913

This is my homemade Apple computer, basically make from trash. I made this video to give you some idea, also you can turn your old broken windows laptop into a desktop not just apple laptop. Some computers are too expensive to repair but for a cheap you can make it functional and useful again. * This is Project build only. Not for Sale, Commercial or any other distribution, now or in the future, for personal use only. In this video i used MacBook Pro Mid 2012 with i5 cpu. The Macbook, the monitors and the other parts are from the electronic trash. Building this computer costs me $8.50 in total - $3.5 for the glue and $5 for the wooden vinyl. Sorry if the video is too long but i want to show you more 😊 and give some ides 😊 Follow me on Social media Click 🔔 to get notified about new video ✔️ Subscribe Now: ✔️ Facebook: ✔️ Twitter: ✔️ Instagram: ✔️ Pinterest: ✔️ KIT: ✔️ Patreon: 🔮 Great place to find Get Great Quality Products - 📱 Smartphones: 💻 Computers and accessory: ⚔️ Computer Components: 🎮 Gamer's stuff: 🌬️ RGB LED Fans: ⌨️ Mechanical Keyboards: 🔮Another Great Place to find Great Quality Products 📲 Smartphones: 💻 Computers / Laptops ⚔️ Computer Components: ⌨️ Mechanical Keyboards: 🎮 Gamer's stuff: ➥ My Keyboard Anne Pro White with Blue Switch - White with Brown Switch - White with Red Switch - Black with Blue Switch - Black with Brown Switch - Black with Red Switch - ➥ Wallpaper by Mikael Gustafsson ➥ Music By: Ehrling ( I Feel Good ) ➥ Support Ehrling Youtube: Spotify: ➥ Music by Slow Magic ( Waited 4 U ODESZA Remix ) ➥ Support ODESZA ➥ Support Slow Magic 📬 For business inquiries ONLY - contact me here - [email protected] 📞 ☎️ For ANY Copyright ©️ issue/request - contact me here - [email protected] © 2018 Andrew

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