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Computer Science vs Self-Taught vs Coding Bootcamp (ft. Quincy Larson) -

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Quincy Larson is the creator of, the #1 way to learn code for free. FreeCodeCamp is also the most starred repository on GitHub with 172k stars. The next most starred repo is Twitter bootstrap with 100k stars. Quincy has a degree in the liberal arts, and does not have a computer science degree. He is a completely self-taught coder. (Note: numbers are at the time I created this video. Stars is the same as 'favoriting') 1:00 Who should/shoudn't get Computer Science Degree? 2:11 Facts on Software Egineering & Computer Science Jobs 3:16 What to Expect on Computer Science graduates 4:19 Software Engineering VS Computer Science 6:45 Who should/shoudn't go to coding boot camp 12:30 Who should/shoudn't do self taught 16:29 Free Code Camp Team Treehouse is a good supplement to FreeCodeCamp since FCC doesn't have any lectures. This video isn't sponsored by Team Treehouse, but I am an affiliate for them. Just by signing up for a free trial, you're helping support this channel. Sign up for a free trial here ➡ http:///TTH

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