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Giving up on a dead printer? Try my way to unclog inkjet printer port -

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If your inkjet printer ports are terminally clogged, don't give up. How to unclog terminally plugged,clogged,inkjet printer ports. if you were giving up and going to throw away the printer, if you tried the nozzle cleaning procedure 100 times and the super expensive cleaning liquid you bought is not working, try this, it has almost always worked for me. what do you have to lose? I will be adding a video later on how to make your own inkjet printer cleaner for pennies. DIY Inkjet print head cleaner,simple,cheap,effective I add new helpful and cost saving and even outdoorsy fun type of videos every week. In fact, I have close to 400 videos on a wide assortment of topics. Check some of them out. Thanks for stopping by. here is the 3/16 inch tubing I used on amazon PENN PLAX Standard Airline Tubing Air Pump Accessories, 25-Feet If you like my videos you can help me out by using my amazon store link I added below to go to amazon in the future. Bookmark my link below and anytime you visit Amazon in the future and buy anything Amazon will throw me a few cents and it helps me make more videos at no cost to yourself. Also some viewers like to see the stuff I have bought and liked on Amazon in my Amazon store. My Amazon store

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