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INIGO Trailer -

Jul 9, 2014 3,909 23 244,791

Inigo is a fully voiced adventuring companion I created and voiced for the game Skyrim. Many of you may already know him, but as I near completion for V2.0 I wanted to give an updated look at where he's at... without giving too much away. :o) So this trailer is designed to both introduce Inigo to players that haven't tried him yet, and also show a small taste of what's been included in the next version for those that already know him. The music is a piece written especially by my good friend Paul Edwards. Cheers mate. :o) Here's a link to the sound track. Go have a listen. INIGO - INIGO SE - Cheers guys. Have fun out there, and remember to look after Mr Dragonfly! Gary For those of you who know me for my other work -- this is one of the new things I've been up to over the last few years. There's another bigger film related project in the works and I hope to show some of that in September. I'm not dead or gone, I'm just ridiculously busy. :o) Stay tuned.

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