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EVERYTHING LEFT BEHIND! Abandoned School of Physiotherapy - Urbex Lost Places Harz Germany -

Mar 26, 2017 426 11 13,032

Urban Exploration: Abandoned School of Physiotherapy - Former Luxury Hotel (English subtitles are available!) Episode #55 ► Interested in abandoned buildings, “Lost Places” and Urban Exploration (UE)? You have a passion for Geocaching, Bushcraft, Outdoor and more? Be sure to check out our channel and the other videos, too! The forgotten place we’re visiting in today’s episode is a real insiders' tip. Initially this building complex was a luxury hotel having no equal. Later this site became a school of physiotherapy. Apprentices didn’t only learn in this place but lived here too. In the whole building you can still find remnants from this period next to beautiful decay. ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Flickr: Music: "Uprising 5" - Rannar Sillard "I'm Saving Mine For Us (Instrumental Version)" - Windshield "Secrets And Lies 5" - Johannes Bornlöf "Low Rider (Lookas Remix)" - War "Secrets And Lies 4" - Johannes Bornlöf "Love Lost" - Aerocity "Deviation In Time 3" - Johannes Bornlöf Playlists: ► Cinematic Urbex Videos ► Explore Videos ► Urbex Highlights Videos ► Urbex Special Videos ► Urbex Short Videos

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