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Day 296: December 21, 2015 The wait is over! The Bunny Mansion House Tour is FINALLY here! We spent the vlogmas day filming this for y'all. I hope it was worth the wait, my sister's house is massive and we covered every square inch of it! Bunny's Bikini's: http://bunny-couture-crysta... Tony's Tanning Products: http://www.devotedcreations... Her house is 11,612 sqft and has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms! Her garage has a "Barbie Pink" Lotus Elise & a Moonbeam Silver Bentley. Plus their Torro and a Graphite Range Rover (not pictured). A 3 tier pool with a lazy river, lagoon, and a hot tub. DISCLAIMER: DON'T ACTUALLY PLAY THE OPTIONAL DRINKING GAME YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY DIE THEY HAVE 10 TVS. haha. but for real, don't play it! Follow Me: ALEX đź‘˝Main Channel: rashnu đź‘˝Instagram: @alexdenmon đź‘˝Twitter: @alexdenmon đź‘˝Snapchat: Adizz09 đź‘˝Uber: c40z4 đź‘˝Postmates: syaq9 MAIL Alex and Mia P.O. Box 70103 Los Angeles, CA. 90070 Want your fanart featured in a vlog? Tweet it to me @alexdenmon and use the hashtag #VlogMaswithAlex

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