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Pnboo PN2150 Wacom Alternative Review -

Mar 31, 2018 115 12 6,228

UK: PNBOO PN2150 21.5" Drawing Tablet: US: PNBOO PN2150 21.5" Drawing Tablet: Wacom alternatives are always a popular subject and if you like them or not, you have to admit that they have found their place in the market. As an artist & tech' enfusiest, my interest is innovation. I want tech' which is going to make our creative lives better, easier and more focused than ever before. I want to see companies that work hard and push themselves to show us new ideas and are as excited as we are to imagine them. I'm a 'digital' artist because I want the digital side of my life to improve my artwork & workflow and I constantly look for ways to augment that further with software and hardware. I review a lot of tech' because it's a good talking point for discussions about where we can go with this as creatives and how it can be used - to get ideas from you folks and to give ideas back. I want to look at the future of the technology we use and how to get the most from it. With that in mind, let's take a look at the first tablet from PNBOO. This is not innovative - in fact, it's exactly like the UGEE 2150 because PNBOO were previously UGEE distributors. But the company did surprise me with the conversation we had. Stating that this was simply a tablet to get their name in the game so they could start producing their own tablets and that they did want to be different. The conversation did impress me so let's take a look and let them know in the comments what we'd like to see from them in terms of innovation! There's plenty of ways every Wacom alternative could stand out from the competition and I've put a few at the end of this video along with my thoughts on this tablet. What do you want to see from this tablet - or any other drawing tablet to help you be a better digital artist & creative? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Until next time, keep on creating! Lawrence. Description from PNBOO SITE: PN2150 is the new drawing monitor from PNBOO. Drawing, sketching, painting, designing and editing can directly be fulfilled on the screen. It can support duplicated mode and extended mode.The interface port are HDMI, VGA and DVI, the packing contains HDMI and VGA cable., to enjoy the fun of creation anytime, anywhere . Jump to Unboxing: Jump to Draw Test: Product Specification Brand: PNBOO Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 Level Resolution: 5080LPI Accuracy: 0.25mm Reading Height: 15mm Report Rate: 220 reports/per second Response Time: 14ms Support Color: 16.7M Contrast Ratio:1000:1 Interface Support: VGA input, DVI input, HDMI input, USB port 1.1 Adjustment Stand It has an adjustable stand on the back of the monitor, you can adjust different angle to meet different drawing experience. Anti-fouling Artist Drawing Glove Two fingers black anti-fouling glove, can reduce the friction between your hand and the screen. Two Rechargeable Pen and One Screen Protector Two pieces of rechargeable pen P50S. And one screen protector, prevent the screen from scratches, dusts, stains, can increase the working life. Packing Contents PN2150 Monitor×1 Rechargeable Pen P50S×2 Pen Charging Lines×2 USB Cable×1 VGA Cable×1 HDMI Cable×1 Power Cable×1 Power Adapter×1 Pen Holder×1 CD Driver×1 English User Manual×1 Drawing Glove×1 Screen Protector×1 Extra Pen Nibs×10 Subscribe for More tutorials & Tech reviews for digital artists & creatives ➜ ===================================================== SAY THANKS ➜ My portfolio Website ➜ Twitter ➜ FaceBook ➜ LinkedIn ➜ Tumblr ➜ http://lawrencecandraw.tumb... Google+ ➜ ===================================================== I've used a lot of tools for YouTube creators, but TubeBuddy is the best I've seen! Free Download ➜

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