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What The Media Won't Tell You About The Black Money | Decoding Demonetisation | Chase by ScoopWhoop -

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Some would argue that governance is about ensuring the greatest good of the greatest number. The film explores the idea, that when it comes to demonetisation, the question we need to ask is how much tangible gain is needed to justify its very real loss? Directors: Samdish Bhatia,Avalok Langer Associate Director: Srishti Mehra Assistant Directors: Sahil Ali, Raunaq Singh Chopra, Kashish Arora Editors : Arvind Jaiswal, Kashish Arora Camera: Raunaq Singh Chopra, Sahil Ali Additional Camera: Kashish Arora, Srishti Mehra Animation and Graphics: Aakansha Pushp Graphics Editor : Kashish Arora Voice Over : Avalok Langer Executive Producer : Sattvik Mishra ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To get notified of all the new videos, subscribe - Show us your love on fb - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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