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Ask Ralsei Part 1 (Deltarune Comic Dub) With Susie, Lancer, and Kris! -

Jan 3, 2019 1,188 22 32,932

More Deltarune Comic Dubs: VOAdam Merch: Ask Ralsei Part 1 Deltarune Comic Dub With Susie, Lancer, and Kris! ORIGINALS: SHOW THEM YOUR LOVE! https://ask-ralsei-from-del... Delta Rune/Undertale 2 Comic Dubs/Animations! Submissions to Deviantart: Submissions to Tumblr: Submissions The VO Crew Discord Channel: Submissions to the VOAdam Amino: Submissions to my twitter: @AdamWennick Adam's Apple Tours: https://www.adamsappletours... My name is VOAdam and I make daily family friendly videos! I typically make comic dubs for games like undertale, cuphead, sonic, and pokemon! I'm mostly known for my Cuphead Comic Dubs, Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dubs, Sonic Comic Dubs, Baldi's Basics Comic Dubs, Pokemon Comic Dubs, Deltarune Comic Dubs, and Bendy Comic Dubs, but I also dub a wide variety of different kinds of fanart! I occasionally make reaction videos and let's plays as well. Patreon: The VO Crew Discord Channel: Follow me on twitter at Music by: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License I post my videos daily at 3 PM EST on weekdays and at 10 AM EST on Weekends and Holidays! I do my best to make sure that these videos are all family friendly and fun videos for kids!

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