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Aaron using the iWalk 2.0 4 hrs. post surgery -

Jun 15, 2016 16 1 6,598

Here is a video of Aaron, just 4 hours after surgery on his fully torn Achilles' tendon, using the amazing product - the iWalk 2.0. With any leg injury, it can be incredibly hard and painful to get around on crutches. A scooter seems to be an option, but is very large and inconvenient. We found this product after remembering it being reviewed by Dr. Frank McGeorge on channel 4-WDIV Detroit last summer -2015. After a Google search, we found several videos with people using this product. They were all very mobile and able to use this product very easily the very first time putting it on. I decided to video Aaron putting this on & using it 4 hours after his surgery because I felt it would be very useful for others who are injured to see this product and how easy it works. We were convinced to buy the iWalk not by the information and technology about it, but by the videos of people through the the world using this product with ease right after receiving it. Don't get me wrong, we clearly are also sold on how this product was invented, the technology is amazing. This product is definitely worth spending the money on ( our insurance wouldn't cover it) because it is easy to use, and makes you mobile in a much a better way than crutches or a scooter ever could. Watch Aaron easily be able to walk up the stairs using the iWalk 2.0. It was amazing! He was able to use this product for 7 weeks after surgery to get around. By the way, this is an unpaid endorsement. We wanted to share this review so that other people who have a severe injury to their leg would know about this product & if they were hesitant to spend the money on this, know that Aaron really benefitted from using the iWalk 2.0. It was very easy to walk as well as go up & down the stairs using the iWalk. There are a few things you should know about this product. Please review all the directions and go online to view the videos instructions. It will be hard to learn how to put it on & use it easily if you don't. Also, it was very beneficial to get an additional special gel compression pad from your local medical supply store to put in the knee area. My suggestion to the manufacturer is that they take a look at making a bigger size for bigger people, as Aaron had a bit of an issue with the fit. If it was any smaller he would have had a very hard time using it. Aaron is 5' 11" 195 lbs. and the width to fit the leg in was a bit tight. Also, when wearing a high leg boot, the top of boot was at the edge of the back leg support and the padding got compressed. Overall, we give this product 4 1/2 Stars.

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