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Gymnast VS Self Taught Flipper! Who's Better?! -

Jun 20, 2018 4,590 185 255,271

GYMNAST VS SELF TAUGHT FLIPPER! WHO'S BETTER?! In today's video Wouter & Me challenged Milco and Cris in a battle of who is better: The Gymnasts, or the Self Taught? Find out in the video. Book tickets to meet me in crossjumps this Saturday! Check out the homies instagrams: Wouter - @wouter.ig Milco - @Milco_abrahams Cris - @Crisvanschijndel THANKS FOR WATCHING HEFFELBABES! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! LIKE THE VIDEO IF YOU ENJOYED! Follow me on social media to stay up to date! Instagram: @jesseheffels Snapchat: jessezonie CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS HERE: GAME OF FLIPS: BLOB VIDEOS: MY BEST TRICKS VIDEOS: My trampoline sponsor: Sponsored by @gregroetrampoline #GRTCrew Sponsored by Minded Motion: Down here you will find some more information about me: Hey! My Name is Jesse Heffels, I am 20-year old filmmaker who loves making videos. I try to get as creative as possible in all of my videos! I love anything that has something to do with flips, I love doing random fun things with my friends, and I love anything that has something to do with adrenaline! WHAT EXACTLY IS SKITTA COMITTA?! My 2 best friends and I created 'Skitta Comitta', which we use for anything in life! With Skitta Comitta we talk about Full Commitment to anything! Don't ever be afraid to do something! Step out of your comfort zone! Give something Your Final Push! Cause if you will always stay in that comfort zone and never take any risks, your life won't get any better. ily if you read all of this.

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