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Polish 24 hour SRG menu 3 ration review chicken meatballs with spinach sauce -

Jul 8, 2018 48 0 961

I just wanted to thank all of my subscribers for putting me over the 100 sub mark. I will be doing something special soon just for you! I really enjoyed this ration and i hope you enjoy the review. Cheers! I bought this ration from the great people at Foreign MRE I hope to have a P.O. box set up this week if you want to send me stuff. Send me some e-mail at [email protected] Here are some channels i enjoy watching..... Shawker 71 Outdoor Tactical Kaylynn Strain Kent Survival MorningWood Michael Green Reviews BTemple Iridium242 Stickyfingaz745 Pauly's MRE reviews and things The Bloger Two Brothers Productions Ol' Mate Dropbear Crombat Rations Delicious gundog4314 TheWolfePit TabiEats Nathan's MRE RC Gusto gschultz9 emmymadeinjapan Kiwi Dude Steve1989MREInfo Townsends Oldsmokey

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