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Ap Apni Murgion Sa Zayada Anday Kaisa Hasil Kr Saktay hain ? -

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How To Tell Which Hens Are Laying Eggs In Urdu Like Page : Bantam Fancy Hen: White Leghorn Breed: Do I Need a Rooster: Desi Murgi Sa Eggs Production: Anda Na Dainy Wali Murghi: Kinds Of Hens In Urdu Australorp Rooster Aseel Murgha aseel Murghi desi murgi palan anday zayada kaisay lain murgi ka anda dain anday wali murgian sab sa achi anday wali murgia Australorp Chicks Brooding Time Hens guiding Writer: Abdul Raheem Voice: Tayyab Ali Qureshi #layinghen #hensforegg #layer

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