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FE2 MapTest | Oil Rigged (Hard) -

Jun 18, 2018 406 14 30,681

Hey guys, thanks for watching this video! If you liked this video, leave a like and Subscribe for more content. I really enjoyed playing this map, and i think it deserves a thumbs up. 👍 Play Fe2 Maptest here: Map ID: 1544456169 Enjoy :D Check out my Twitter so you can be informed of any updates: Also check out my Discord so you can message me about anything, or send me map IDs and such: My Roblox Profile: Just so you guys know, after a recent stream, Crazyblox is going to add some more maps to FE2 Maptest again, he announced it on his Twitch stream, idk when he will do this but it shouldn't be too long, and i'm excited for this! When he does, i will test out some of my maps that iv'e made, and then i will show it to you guys! Also, there is a new code for FE2 now! here it is: DraughtArrival-2 It Gives 20 Gems, 25 Coins and 500 XP! Oh, and a few people have been asking me what my Twitch name is? It's Gentleberry16_Gerek16, I guess i kinda got people confused with the name . It's always confusing when it involves my name ofc :/

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