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INIGO USER GUIDE (for V2.1 and later) -

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An INIGO user guide for V2.1 and later. The current version is V2.3. The information in this video is relevant to all versions from V2.1 onwards. Some of it goes by pretty quickly. Keep your finger near the pause button. :) Chapter links and console commands below. Meet Inigo here - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter links: Where is he? 00:25 About his cell 00:42 Accessing Inigo's custom options 01:13 Relaxing 01:36 Let's talk about talking 01:50 Idle chatter 02:11 Limiting scenes with other NPCs 02:24 Fighting quietly 02:35 Sneaking and dialogue 02:45 Follow distance 02:59 Combat 03:25 Aggression 03:54 Aggressive 04:08 Unaggressive 04:22 Unaggressive detection example 04:32 Controlling Inigo with your weapon state 05:08 Fighting styles 05:43 Horse gifting, trading, and disowning 06:24 Inigo riding alone 07:05 Inigo's flashy dismount 07:46 Setting Inigo's steed to follow or wait 08:00 Horses and combat 08:14 Quest activation 08:41 Map marker 09:16 Whistling 09:36 How do I whistle to Inigo? 09:50 Whistle follow 10:02 Whistle aggression 10:17 Whistle combat example 10:31 Whistling to stop accidental fights 11:12 Whistle to move Inigo out of the way 11:29 Whistle to get Inigo's attention 11:39 What Inigo's whistles mean 12:02 Things to remember about whistling 12:19 Asking Inigo to sit and quickly controlling followers 12:48 Wardrobe 14:10 FAQ/Do's and don'ts 14:50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upgrade instructions (same for any version) 1. Get him out of the control of other mods (UFO, AFT, etc) and make sure he isn't riding, waiting, relaxing, or following Vilja. 2. Save the game using the Save menu and then quit to the desktop. 3. Replace the Inigo.esp and Inigo.bsa files with the new versions. 4. For those that use any kind of patcher, ASIS etc, be sure to re-run your patcher. 5. Restart the game and continue from the save you made. Step 1 is the critical part. He is completely removed from the standard game factions, if other mods (including Vilja) are still trying to affect him then they are going to get confused when he's no longer in those factions. It's fine if he is actively following you, sitting in the Riften jail, or even walking back to the jail. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Console Commands To move Inigo to your position. open console with ` key type: help inigo 4 hit enter note first 2 digits of the NPC_ type: prid xx008ae9 (replacing xx with the first 2 noted digits above) hit enter type: moveto player hit enter exit console with ` key To add lost Inigo items to your inventory. open console with ` key type: help inigo 4 hit enter note first 2 digits of the NPC_ type: player.additem xx02ecfe 1 (replacing xx with the first 2 noted digits above) hit enter exit console with ` key ID codes for other items in this mod: Mr. Dragonfly: xx037537 Inigo the Brave: xx02ecfe Inigo’s Journal: xx000d77 Inigo’s Ebony Bow: xx02cc68 To set if Inigo can ride in your current location. setpqv InigoStatus Steed Allow setpqv InigoStatus Steed Forbid A massive thank you to the always awesome Paul Edwards who wrote the music for this video. He has made his work for Inigo available here: :) Cheers, bro.

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