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5 Questions You Should Ask Someone Before You Marry Them | The Financial Diet -

Jan 8, 2019 2,501 87 74,321

Be one of the first 500 people to visit and get your first two months of Skillshare for free! Chelsea and friend-of-TFD Stefanie O’Connell (who is recently engaged!) sit down to talk about all the things you should be talking about with your partner before you get married, including some interesting personal stories about how they both did things! Chelsea on prenups: Note: Stephanie misspoke about which state's laws govern how assets are divided upon divorce (10:10): it's the state where you get divorced not the state where you got married. Stefanie on the web: Instagram: Website: Twitter: The Financial Diet site: http://www.thefinancialdiet... Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: http://thefinancialdiet.tum...

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