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brittany byrnes (charlotte watsford)

no copyright intended fan made... this is a cliped vid of charlotte on h2O just add water.. i don't like her she's evil... and mean2 the girls.... hope u like it.. thx 4 …

Apr 5, 2008 2:57 2,416,150 h20isdabest

Charlotte's Top 7 EVIL Moments - H2O: Just Add Water

2019-05-23 5:11 1,948,181 H2O - just a…

charlotte watsford | bad bitch

2019-05-23 1:11 3,262 xcrystalmaid

Charlotte Watsford - Dangerous Woman

2019-05-23 0:32 1,955 H2O Mermaid

Pro Jedinou Real Charlotte Watsford!!💖

2019-05-23 2:34 106 H2o Rikki Ch…

Charlotte Watsford||Crazy

2019-05-23 1:12 115 Katerina Win…

Charlotte Watsford|| Fight Song

2019-05-23 1:07 220 Katerina Win…

Charlotte Going Off The Deep End

Charlotte is going psychotic!

2008-03-14 02:26 10,320 Alex Buckman

Indiana Evans - No Ordinary Girl (H2O), Lyrics

Burgess Abernethy as Zane Bennett, who is the arrogant local bad boy. In series one, he becomes obsessed with discovering the identity of the mermaids after catching a glimpse of o…

2016-03-22 02:56 87 Vadimu8x9sem

Another Now by Kate Alexa w Lyrics

The role of Charlotte Watsford was nearly awarded to actress Gemma Forsyth before Brittany Byrnes was officially cast. Forsyth went on to portray Evie McLaren in the show's spin-of…

2016-03-22 03:30 264 Pavelfokin0z…
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