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Jordindian - Fasting and Furious (Official Music Video) | FNF

Ever been so Hangry(Hungry & Angry) before that you decided to make a song about it? Jordindian presents our second music video, and this time we made a song about something t…

May 26, 2019 6:10 900,604 Jordindian

Savage Moms Part 2 Ft Lilly Singh | Superwoman | Jordindian

The Savagery continues.. This time we got Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman to pay homage to all the mothers around the world. Especially the ones who are savage. This was undoubtedly o…

May 11, 2019 4:56 1,712,185 Jordindian

HOLI | Expectations vs Reality | Jordindian

Even though everybody has expectations, especially during the festive season, reality has plans of its own! And in the spirit of Holi we'd like to show you a glimpse of what t…

Mar 19, 2019 8:13 2,279,213 Jordindian

Types Of People At The Movies | People In Cinemas | Jordindian

When life throws lemons we need to make lemonade, fair enough. But what about when life throws crying babies, annoying adults, pressuring parents and stressful strangers when you…

Dec 22, 2018 12:34 3,652,801 Jordindian

What We Say Vs What They Hear | Misinterpretations | Jordindian

Different people have different perspectives, it's this difference that helps us understand the different differences that people have in terms of different views, different o…

Oct 9, 2018 8:19 4,964,634 Jordindian

Types Of Dancers At Parties | Jordindian

There are those who go to parties to have a good time, and then there are those who go to parties to have an even better time. Here are some peculiar Types Of Dancers At Parties. D…

Sep 21, 2018 8:49 2,914,353 Jordindian

Types Of Friends | Jordindian | Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day! No matter how genuine, lovely, weird or downright crazy friends can be, the only reason we choose to hang out with them is because they make us live life in c…

Aug 5, 2018 11:13 4,575,414 Jordindian

Savage Moms | Mothers Day | Jordindian

Give it up for the ones who have been keeping it real since birth, Mothers! They love you, they care for you, but come the right time, they will roast you mercilessly! And that…

May 13, 2018 5:24 4,824,561 Jordindian

Beginning Of The Month vs End Of The Month | Jordindian

What celebs call Riches to Rags, the rest of us call life! The monthly struggle is real between being rich and broke. This one goes out to us normal folks. LIKE SHARE and TAG a Fri…

Apr 27, 2018 7:06 5,434,078 Jordindian

How Students Study For Exams | Part 2 | Jordindian

This is part 2 of 'How Students Study For Exams'. No matter who you are or where you're from.. When it's exam time, you will do anything and everything to make…

Mar 22, 2018 5:47 3,945,178 Jordindian

sourate al fourqane. Mohammad Naser addin Al Albani coran miracle émotion

récitation des derniers versets de sourate al Fourqane par Sheykh Alalbany. sa récitation incite la méditation.

2011-04-27 05:08 1,189 monothéiste…

Surah Al Qyama - Naser Al Qatami

Surah Al Qyama - Naser Al Qatami

2015-06-04 05:42 110 Webcam

beautiful quran recitation surat al mu'minun Naser Al Qatami‬ سورة المؤمنون

A LIST OF THE NAMES OF THE SURAH (CHAPTERS) OF THE HOLY QURAN 1.The Opening Al Fatihah سورة الفاتحة 2.The Cow Al Baqarah سورة البقرة 3.The Family of 'Imran Al …

2017-01-11 05:31 51 super power

Surat Al-Ra'ad by Naser Al-Qatamiسورة الرعد-ناصر القطامي

ناصر القطامي _ 013 _ سورة الرعد Surat Al-Ra'ad by Naser Al-Qatami _ حفص عن عاصم سُميت ‏‏" ‏سورة ‏الرعد "‏لتلك ‏الظا…

2013-03-14 17:40 365 Wael Fareed …

AL Naser vs AL Ahli - Highlights

AL Naser vs AL Ahli - Highlights

2016-02-15 02:32 29 alarabsport

Surah Al Qyama - Naser Al Qatami

2015-05-06 05:42 51 Islaahtv

Al Qari'ah (The Striking hour) by Sheikh Naser Al Qitami

Al Qari'ah (The Striking hour) by Sheikh Naser Al Qitami

2015-07-12 02:36 28 News

Surah Al Qyama - Naser Al Qatami

Surah Al Qyama - Naser Al Qatami

2015-06-04 05:42 53 Webcam
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