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Will a Tablet make you better at Osu!?

Hi guys, so I recently got a tablet and decided to try it out with osu. I suck at the tablet. I'm going to stick with using my mouse for osu and use the tablet for graphics …

Jan 8, 2017 7:17 776,287 ToofastDan

What it's like to run 8 Ethernet cables at once

2019-04-19 1:38 141,009 chasewd

what it actually feels like to get a Razer headset

2019-04-19 2:27 213,788 Niels Kirtan

What it feels like to turn on your old PC

2019-04-19 2:58 93,421 BaryBurger

What It Feels Like To Get A GTX 745.

2019-04-19 1:26 13,869 PinoyEU

What it feels like to get Google Fiber

2019-04-19 1:28 184,926 chasewd

► What It Feels Like to Get a Gaming Mouse

2019-04-19 2:04 3,495 Macsorj

What it Feels Like when Your Family touch Your Computer

2019-04-19 7:21 4,635 AbdouBlueLig…
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