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REBUTTAL: COLLEGE HUMOUR'S LIBERAL PROPAGANDA "Everyone Leaves Black People Out of the Gun Debate"

Reading the Description are we? Some dank shit down there. ***HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE*** Follow me on instagram: Get a ...

2018-12-15 15:54 54 Chxnce

Bicoastal Time Zone Lesson‬

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2018-12-12 04:03 161,302 CollegeHumor

Parking a Giant Robot is Hard

The Ultramechatron team has vanquished evil once again. Now they face an even greater challenge: city parking. Sponsored by Xfinity FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY:…

2018-12-10 04:29 100,066 CollegeHumor

Wow, Nobody Can Flirt With Me Anymore

Now that Katie's getting married, she just wants you to know that under NO circumstances is there to be even a HINT of a flirt thrown in her direction, you filthy DOGS. Catch…

2018-12-04 04:23 303,759 CollegeHumor

College Humour Isn't Funny!

College Humour Isn't Funny! My little review of College Humour's latest video that came up in trending, "I'm a slow eater". Disclaimer: Please do not go ou…

2018-11-19 04:33 13 Dexon

Sorry, I'm a Slow Eater

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2018-11-14 02:40 233,216 CollegeHumor

The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating

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2018-10-26 03:33 597,206 CollegeHumor

Ugh, Political Comedy is the Worst

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2018-10-19 04:15 541,983 CollegeHumor


This video serves as a trailer which will give our viewers and suscribers an idea about what kind of stuff they will find on our channel . It tells you in brief what ...

2018-09-21 00:59 54 INSANE COLLE…


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2018-09-07 05:29 1,157,567 CollegeHumor

Venmo CEO: We’re Fun! | CH Shorts

SIGN UP FOR DROPOUT: It's like a hipper, sexier version of the Bank of America app. That's what kids want, right? CH Shorts - Original ...

2018-08-25 04:43 1,239,757 CollegeHumor

College Humour SUX

Today I Will Talk about reasons why I Hate College Humour..

2018-08-05 08:38 20 Sir Ef

If College Movies Were Honest

Hey Everyone! I just got a letter from that old dean! He says: everything you're doing is fine. #Sponsored by Xfinity FOLLOW THE ...

2018-07-13 02:55 2,166,756 CollegeHumor

The Guy Who Won't Call In Sick | Hardly Working

SIGN UP FOR DROPOUT: Brennan is not gonna let the TINIEST bit of Leprosy stop him from coming in and pitching 3-4 comedy sketches.

2018-06-19 03:49 1,133,505 CollegeHumor

Tide CEO: You Gotta Stop Eating Tide Pods | CH Shorts

The CEO of Tide, and apparently every other company, is having a hard time promoting their new products, because they are all poison shaped like a treat. CH Shorts - Original sket…

2018-04-03 04:22 4,444,675 CollegeHumor

Honest College Tour

It's like a best man speech, but for your future #PrimeStudent See more LIKE us on: ...

2017-09-12 02:55 3,692,974 CollegeHumor

College humour funniest video

2017-08-10 00:53 5 **confidenti…

[Vietsub] Hợp Đồng Sát Thủ !!! | College Humour Vietsub | Hài 2017

Nguồn: College Humour Bản gốc tiếng Anh (original): Vietsub Chanel TD97 là một kênh giải trí tổng hợp do ...

2017-08-06 04:28 48 ChanelVietsu…

[Vietsub] Khi Bạn lần đầu đi mua Bao Cao Su!!! | College Humour Vietsub

Chuyện gì sẽ xảy ra khi bạn bước chân vào Circle K và mua bcs nhỉ? Ý mình là lần đầu ấy? Cảm xúc dư lào comment xuống đây xem câu chn của ai …

2017-07-26 01:57 252 ChanelVietsu…

[Vietsub] Hôn Gái | Lần Đầu Làm Chuyện Ấy | College Humour Vietsub

Bạn còn nhớ cảm giác lần đâu hôn 1 cô gái vừa run vừa phê vừa lo vc chứ :)) Nguồn: College Humour Bản gốc tiếng Anh: ...

2017-07-16 02:39 467 ChanelVietsu…

Funny video by college humour

Shout out to college humour go check there channel.

2017-06-12 02:20 1 NightMare Fr…

Facebook Law for Idiots (College Humour)

2017-05-07 01:27 17 Coen ayres

I Don’t See Race

I guess my eyes have just evolved to be like, so progressive. See more LIKE us on: ...

2017-04-08 03:34 5,483,322 CollegeHumor

The Best College Humour Compilation

College is one of the best times in someone's life. Here we have a compilation of college humour, college pranks, fraternity pranks and memes. Please comment ...

2017-04-05 05:05 45 Red Gambit

Our College "Humour" | OnlyErin

Today I was reunited with some of my college friends to do some filmmaking and some filming for this vlog. I'm sorry in advance for our "humour"! I also visit the ..…

2016-11-28 06:04 68 OnlyErin

Boys are back #AMA #College #humour | Periscope # 34

Periscope: *Follow me on Twitter:*

2016-11-09 04:01 66 Ammar Shah

College humour | Great College humor

This is an example of college humour . You can also say it college humor or collegehumor videos . This video shows funny prank video for teenagers with ...

2016-10-28 00:55 6,388 EVERYTHING I…

The new iPhone 7 just got worse - By College Humour

The new iPhone 7 just got worse - By College Humour.

2016-09-09 03:26 1,399 Gavin MaxdMe…

Basic bro - college humour

2015-03-09 02:55 2,881 funandlala

osu! College Humour Originals- We Didn't Start the Flame War [Sushi Mix] *double time*

I hope you enjoy this video ;)

2015-02-27 01:50 22 adri lolo

[iTV Subteam][Vietsub] Some study that I used to know - College Humour

We do not own this video. All rights go to its rightful owner: College Humour ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ ▻ • Song: …

2014-06-02 02:49 187 ♠ Wlion 2 …

If Google Was A Guy

SIGN UP FOR DROPOUT: No ads. No censors. Just funny. Join now. Everything you ask Google sounds a lot more stupid when you actually ask Google. Get Colleg…

2014-01-21 02:12 42,492,106 CollegeHumor

Responding to College Humour's "Suit and Tie" Parody

Check out the full parody here

2013-05-28 00:11 39 FridayFriday…

College humour with yours truly

2013-04-09 00:41 36 Dylan Fehr

Mike Stud - College humour

Like the music ? Like the video ? •Check us out on Twitter: Check out the artist: •Name: Mike Stud •Twitter:

2013-02-02 03:21 126 StudioEighty…

College Humour Randoms- Ricky's Nap

Ricky fell asleep on the editorial bean bag. I can't believe people wanted to disturb him. He looked so peaceful.

2012-12-02 00:52 3,507 Hardlyworkin…

College Humour Randoms Whoopie Hump

2012-10-11 00:11 3,082 Hardlyworkin…

College Humour Randoms- Nerf Attack In The Office.mp4

Jeff is a cold blooded killer.

2012-10-06 00:34 2,963 Hardlyworkin…

6 minues of stuff getting destroyed (college humour)

Credit to college humour.

2012-07-16 06:49 32 thenumberscr…

WHY PLATONIC Relationships always GO WRONG! - #Funny KAMPuS Beat #College #Humour TV - EP1

Website: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: ...

2012-01-30 04:33 6,994 realityweeke…

Ashley Benson - College Humour - Secret Girl Language

2011-09-01 03:13 43,939 ashleybenson…

College Humour: (Overheard At The Movies) Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2

College Humour: (Overheard At The Movies) Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2.

2011-07-21 02:37 7,692 mjordan23r

The Six Girls You'll Date in College

SIGN UP FOR DROPOUT: No ads. No censors. Just funny. Join now. Get CollegeHumor straight to your inbox! GAY…

2011-05-10 03:36 97,744,543 CollegeHumor

college humour

college humour wer a girl makes a fool out of herself.

2011-05-05 01:02 963 anrecomedy

Grammar Nazis


2010-06-15 03:27 21,614,028 CollegeHumor

Business School Videos | Comedy Skit | MBA Videos | Welcome Speech | College Humour |

A Skit to woo the junior batch to join the ZEAL - National Level Management Fest. ,,,,, Plot : "Neo" mascot of Zeal 2008 is about to leave the ZEAL and return back ...

2010-03-17 04:30 471 Vishnu Vardh…

College humour

2010-01-13 01:03 29 Serenitylene

Retarded Tests

If you don't watch this video, you're retarded. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on ...

2009-10-13 03:29 20,220,817 CollegeHumor

College Humour: Drawings

2009-09-11 03:05 15,987 KenanAlt

College humour


2009-01-11 01:59 352 RooiLuiperd

College Humour - We Didn't Start the Flame War

2009-05-01 02:44 51,087 /

College Humour : Messing Around at the Beach


2016-10-01 04:19 14 Xtravine

College Humour : Girls Help Me On Tinder

2016-10-01 04:20 132 Xtravine

College Humour : Does Size Matter ?

2016-10-01 04:05 485 Xtravine

College Humour: Messing Around at the Gym


2016-10-01 04:38 92 Xtravine

College Humour : Forgetting My Girlfriends Birthday..


2016-10-01 07:24 5 Xtravine

Collège Charles Brazier de Crécy-sur-Serre : quand les collégiens s'initient avec beaucoup d'humour aux médias grâce à des ateliers vidéos

© France 3 Hauts-de-FranceAu collège Charles de Brazier de Crécy sur Serre (Aisne), les élèves réalisent, avec beaucoup d’humour et un regard décalé, des journaux télév…

2018-06-19 06:34 638 Académie d'…

College Humour: How to Escape the Friendzone


2016-10-01 03:58 4 Xtravine

humour sketch sur les collèges en banlieue

"Blague"1 soir habituel prêt d'un parc ou d'une gare... et a 30m d'une voiture de police:_et psssit tu veux du shit ?_non_de l'herbe ?_non non merci_de la coke ?... Tu veux rien ?…

2011-12-26 05:04 985 (Free) Hugue…



2016-10-01 04:59 25 Xtravine

College Humour: Chalk Stick Cartoons, Vol. 1

College Humour: Chalk Stick Cartoons, Vol. 1

2015-05-12 01:39 4 Mignon Muniz
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